Sourcing the finest local produce

Specialist Butchers

Hollands Farm Beef

All of the beef that enters our kitchen has been reared on Hollands Farm, Oxfordshire, where eight generations of the Alden family have been producing the finest quality beef to the highest welfare standards for 98 years. The herd consists exclusively of Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle, traditional British breeds ideally suited to The Chilterns Fox concept. Hollands Farm Beef also provides us with unrivalled traceability. We can tell you everything about our meat, from the cow’s pedigree and breed to its age, weight, and the fields it lived in.

Brewing award-winning beers from Marlow since 1993

Rebellion Brewery

We’re proud to offer a selection of local ales produced by The Rebellion Brewery, just up the road in Marlow. Rebellion have been brewing award winning beers since 1993, when founders Tim Coombes and Mark Gloyens revived Marlow’s brewing tradition following the closure of the Wethered Brewery. Key to Rebellion’s distinctive flavour is the chalky water of the Chiltern Hills, which has high levels of minerals and salts.

Vintage wines

Hundred Hills

When building our wine list, we were determined to include the best the UK has to offer. Luckily, with Oxfordshire’s Hundred Hills winery on our doorstep, this didn’t take long. In HH’s stunning selection, we discovered what we believe to be not only the best sparkling wine in Britain, but a genuine rival to France’s finest vintage champagnes.